Licorice Factory

Stretching over twenty metres into the Junee skyline is the historically rich Junee Flour Mill. Built in 1934-35, the Mill was not only a town landmark, but a major player in Junee's industrial progress following the Great Depression.

The Mill employed 25 workers on site and ran around the clock producing 5.6 million bushels of flour per year, which in today's dollars would be worth many tens of millions of dollars.

The massive mill took up 9,600 square feet of floor space, was powered by a 160 horsepower semi-diesel motor and was recognised as one of the most efficient mills in Australia. Today, the mill building is being restored in a manner as to capture the 1930's feel of this substantial, "old world" construction.

A modern day stone mill has been installed converting grain grown on the Green Grove farm into product for inclusion in licorice, flour and bread mixes.

What started out as simply a flour mill making flour and bread mixes now boasts a rapidly growing range of innovative, certified organic confectionaries increasingly being found in shops around Australia and overseas. Green Grove holds Level "A" Organic Certification through the BFA (Biological Farmers Association of Australia, P225). As recognition that Green Grove Organics are heading in the right direction the company was the proud winner of the 2002 Riverina Gold Plate Award for innovative product.

The management and staff are proud of being involved in the fastest growing section of the world's food industry-organics and extend a welcome to all who wish to come to the Junee operation.

Licorice factory

Licorice factory


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